This Space for Rent

No, but nice try.

In Oregon, the 2006 election season is now close enough so that the various political parties are starting to figure out which will be their officially approved candidates for whatever offices are up for re-election. The Evil Party has a small crop of people running, ranging from the right to the far right to the you need holy water to approach them right, and, in the grand tradition of the Evil Party, the mud is already beginning to fly.

Ron Saxton, who is a "moderate" Republican (sure, he might go down on his knees to service the christopaths who control the Oregon Evil Party, but he'll feel guilty about it in the morning) is being tarred with the brush of (horrors of horrors!) actually cooperating with other people in the government. In particular, he's being targeted as an unperson because he occasionally worked with Neil Goldschmidt when Goldschmidt was still a power in Oregon politics (this was before the local weekly paper published the expose of his uber-sleazy affair with a teenage babysitter and the inevitable "oh no it's not blackmail" arrangements with a large circle of associates that helped keep his sleazy little round of statutory rape out of the papers for 20 or so years. But that's not why the christopaths don't like Goldschmidt; for all of their bellowing about values™, they didn't seem to particularly care about the details of the man fucking a teenage girl except that he was a member of the Democratic Party.) This is of course because Neil Goldschmidt started out as a Portland politician and spent a lot of time doing things that would benefit Portland instead of the christopath-preferred strategy of walling off Multnomah County and lobbing plague rats over the walls.

What in particular are they trying to tar Ron Saxton with by his unseemly attempts to cooperate with non-christopaths? Well, it turns out that Neil Goldschmidt, since he's the antichrist, is guilty of sins like supporting trolley lines, which prevent suburban fuckheads in their SUVs from exercising their GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to whizz at 65mph on freeways built over the ruins of Portland neighborhoods, land use planning laws that....

Um, hello? This doesn't sound right.

I know that someone got the land use planning laws put in, but it wasn't Neil Goldschmidt. It was someone else who got the whole idea passed, and then when the Evil Party made one of their first runs at overturning it for the benefit of the ultra-rich, came out of retirement (and pretty much off his deathbed) to give speeches in favor of the urban growth boundary. Was Tom McCall, 30th Governor of the state of Oregon, one of those evil Democrats? Fuck no. He was a Republican, from back in the days when the Republican party actually stood for something other than droit de seignor and burning homosexuals at the stake.

So I can see why the christopaths would want to lie about his accomplishments. When you tailor your campaigns to bamboozle the marks, you don't want to have any tiny details that might cause them to realize that you're scamming them. Sure, lying is a sin, but, shoot, so is child abuse, but they're both traditional sins and so they must be okay.