This Space for Rent

Have the BOFHs been borged, or are they looking for people to stuff into the tape cabinets?

The den of BOFHs at work just sent out a email claiming that they're going to do a customer satisfaction survey that they want all of us lusers to fill out, so they can find ways to improve the IT services they reluctantly provide.

My first reaction (after laughing hysterically) was to think "I wonder if this is an anonymous survey?" If it's not, there's no way I'm going to fill it out, because my list of grievances against the BOFHs grows quite tall as the season runs down to an end (I think that after bitching about the stupid dos renaming, the "Microsoft Internet Explorer is the official web browser" nonsense, the 45 day password expire, the daily reminders that your password is going to expire 45-n days from now, their obnoxious username policy, and the teeny detail that the stupid daily reminders have forged return addresses, they'd consider my survey to simply be a challenge, and they'd want to spend the extra effort to to make my daily computing chores a living hell. And, shoot, R*dh*t L*n*x is already doing that for free.)

If I won a lottery, this wouldn't be a problem. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket?