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Of course it’s not true! The B*sh Junta would never lie to the American people!

White House mouthpieces say it's ridiculous and the United States would never ever stoop to such a thing.

Tony Bliar's government is saying nothing, but is waving the Official Secrets Act around and threatening the newpaper that printed the story.

The story? Oh, it's nothing. It's just saying that the Coward in Chief was trying to order an airstrike on an ally, just because he wanted to whack Al Jazeera for not being a US government mouthpiece.

And really, who are you going to believe here? The B*sh junta, which has told the truth, um, approximately 0 times since it took over the United States, or a British newspaper that's being threatened by the British government over a story that involves a civil servant who's being prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act because he allegedly leaked the details of this demonstration of a rogue state at play? After all, it's not as if the United States military hasn't called in airstrikes against Al Jazeera before. Well, it hasn't done it very often. Three times. And there's the Al Jazeera cameraman who's been dragged off to the New Model Gulag. But other than that, shoot, Al Jazeera and the US government are the BESTEST OF FRIENDS, and nobody would think that the US government would break international treaties over some perceived personal insult. Well, okay, nobody would think that the United States would do it a second time.

Look! A flock of flying turtles! 9-11! 9-11! 9-11!