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There goes the view!

We don't drive down Macadam very often anymore, because when we go over to the west side of town we find that taking the Ross Island bridge gets us to a large collection of uncongested streets without much fuss, muss, or bother. But occasionally we get really sick of the Arthur to Front to Ross Island bridge route, and go down Macadam just for the variety of it.

Today, when we were finishing the maze of twisty passages that got us to Macadam, we turned down a street heading towards the Willamette, and instead of seeing Mount Hood and the bluffs on the other side of the river, we got to see some huge honking condominium towers where there used to be a small industrial park and a view.

It is fortunate that property values in the United States seem to have absolutely no relationship to the actual value of the property; the sort of thing that you'd expect to cause your property values to crater (in this case, replacing a view of a pretty stratovolcano with the backside of a pair of apartment towers) will, thanks to the joy of the bubble, not even cause a ripple to the listing prices.