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It’s “Election” day

It's not happening in my part of Oregon (state motto: We might love zoning, but we still hate gays!), so I wasn't paying much attention, but apparently it's "election" day across the country and, aside from the usual crop of hate amendments (which are, of course, passing with comfortable margins. I hate this fucking country), there are a bunch of elections pitting Evil Party scum against Stupid Party members.

So, of course, what are the newspapers reporting? "Problems" with the electronic voting machines in Ohio and Virginia (and the machines in Virginia are, oddly enough, counting a vote for the Stupid Party candidate as a vote for the Evil Party candidate. Funny how that happens.) And, funnily enough, both the states where the machines are having "problems" are where the polls show the Evil Party barely behind the Stupid Party candidate.

Washington, which is also having an election today, has its own share of electoral fun. But in this case the Evil Party is using voter challenges to try and throw the election instead of depending on the now-traditional 10,000 lucky coincidences at the polling place. (Yes, I'm sure that Salon will be doing one of their articles explaining that, once again, those lucky coincidences just sort of happened and there's nothing that can be done. But I won't be reading those articles this time around, because I let my subscription lapse after their last cheerful explanations about how, gosh, exit polls work everywhere except the United States, so the sort of gap between exit polls and ballot results which would cause the election to be reheld if it happens in a place like the Ukraine, why, they're just a fact of life, like rain, snow, and systematic Evil Party corruption.)

But, be that as it may, I do fully expect to see, starting at about 8pm Eastern Time, the DLC talking heads popping up to chatter on about how the vote shows that the Democrats are out of touch with America and why Democrats should just lighten up and embrace torture, corruption, aggressive war, and ethnic cleansing. I can hardly wait.