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The B*sh Junta is a bunch of war criminals, and the United States is a rogue state

"Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" are, in case you don't have a copy of the official Evil Party newspeak dictionary, torture. And who are the United States government torturing? Random taxi drivers, Taliban flunkies, and Afghani citizens who were kidnapped and handed over to the CIA by the Taliban in return for US reward money? Well, sure, but that's not all.

I will point out here that the United States is not at war with Canada, Italy, France, Sweden, or the Netherlands. I don't know why France hasn't uncapped their missile silos and demanded the immediate return of their citizens, but then again I'm not a politician and don't have to worry about the subtle nuances of dealing with a superpower controlled by insane whackjobs.

But, be that as it may, it's interesting to discover just who in the United States government signed off on these deathcamps. Congress? Well, no, of course not.

And who knew about the operations in the camps? Congress? The answer is still no.

The United States government, thanks to the Evil Party, is rotten to the core. War crimes? You're soaking in them.


War criminals? We are indeed "soaking in them." And one is going on trial tomorrow! That is a bit of progress, at least.

Ralph Dratman Wed Nov 2 22:43:55 2005

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