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Trolley Picture(s) of the day

Today, we all went downtown to do a shoe, brio, and library expedition. Downtowm of course, has trolleycars, and because it's Portland they come out in huge quantities during the day. The old downtown loop from the Gresham interurban now has three different lines running on it (the Gresham/Hillsboro interurban and the two branches to the Portland airport and to the Columbia River), so during the day it begins to look like downtown Toronto, with trolleycars almost every direction you look (Boston, San Francisco, and Philadelphia have frequencies better than this, but all of their streetcar lines are routed in subway through their respective downtowns. New Orleans was like this, but it remains to be seen what the trolley lines will look like when the city pumps itself out and strengthens the levees so that the city won't be a complete sitting duck for the next hurricane season), so I had plenty of opportunities to take pictures of passing cars.