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Texas, Hurricanes, and states of emergencies

Texas is a fairly large state. It's over 600 miles across, and not very much of it has Gulf of Mexico frontage. It's also about to be hit by a category 3 or 4 hurricane, most likely just east of Galveston. So, Mount Doom on the Potomac has, just like they did in Louisiana, preemptively declared an emergency. For the entire state. Including the other side of the state, which is, as I may have mentioned, many hundreds of miles away from the Gulf.

I wonder if anyone at Mount Doom ever bothers to look at maps? First they declare an emergency in Louisiana for every non-coastal parish, then they declare an emergency for the Florida Keys, then they declare the entire state of Texas (including the parts that are as far away from the Gulf as, um, Illinois [h/t to Bob Harris for that little bit of information]) as a disaster area. Did the designated disaster planners try to pick counties that might be effected, get confused over and over, then finally punt and just start saying "everything must go!" ? It certainly looks that way; it appears that Louisiana got the same blanket 'your state is now a disaster area' designation, though it will take a stronger mind than mine to look through the Mount Doom website for the rest of the press releases.

I'm so glad the grownups are in charge now. Incompetence is just so refreshing after those eight boring years of peace and prosperity under Clinton.


A couple of weeks ago (when it looked like PDX was going to get a couple hundred Katrina refugees) the entire state of Oregon was declared a disaster area. I have no idea if that status has been retracted. Probably not.

Rozanne Fri Sep 23 23:48:09 2005

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