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If you described this in a fiction story, the reviewers would laugh you out of the room.

The United State is destroying british food aid for Katrina survivors, because the FDA has determined that it's "unfit for human consumption." This "unfit for human consumption" food is, um, NATO food rations, which, um, can be eaten by American soldiers serving in Europe.

Now, I can certainly see that there's a point in being paranoid about some imported food, particularly after the nasty outbreak of prion disease in the UK several years back, but it might have been somewhat more useful to set forth the restrictions on what food the United States will accept before it was flown across the Atlantic Ocean. But that would make sense, and the B*sh Junta doesn't do sense. It's far better to say "yes, we'll take the food!" and then a day or so later say "but we're going to burn it!", because, heavens, what's the point of being a paranoid superpower if the rest of the world is foolish enough to try and actually help during a natural disaster?

(via No Capitol)