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And in other news, a poll shows people agree that the sky is blue

The post-Katrina polls are starting to come in, and it appears that some more of the electorate has realized that Maximum Leader Genius is a lying asshole.

But assessments of Bush on the hurricane dipped after the speech: 56% say he has taken steps to help victims mostly for political reasons, not because he cares about them.

I suspect that choosing Karl "Natural Born Scumsucker" Rove to be in charge of the US$200 billion candystore for big Evil Party backers may not have given the impression that the B*sh Junta wanted to give. The stupid press conference in Jackson Square (in what may be the least damaged part of the City of New Orleans -- at least it's the least damaged part that hoi polloi are allowed into) where the whole world got to see the 2005 Parade of Pathetic Excuses was also not one of Karl's greatest hits.

I suspect that, deep inside the bunker at Mount Doom, Karl is offering blood sacrifices for another category five hurricane, just so that the Evil Party can do something other than sit around with their fingers in their noses while the bottom falls out of another part of the Gulf of Mexico. My suspicion is that Karl's hopes for a speedy emergency management regime would be foiled by the teeny detail that DHH and FEMA are completely filled with the incompetent bozos that the B*sh Junta appointed, and even if Karl went in dressed in full bondage year, waving a whip and screaming for action, they'd still dither until the Coward in Chief could be pried out from under his bed and kicked into action.

(poll link via Echidne of the Snakes)