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I can already tell tomorrow is going to be one of those ultra-productive days

The largest operational steam locomotive in North America is coming up to Portland tomorrow morning, sometime between 10:30 and 3pm. And at 5pm, I get to shut pell and gehenna down so I can help move the office where they're colocated from one floor to another in the same building.

The server shuffle won't be that bad; if we manage to not lose the network connections during the move, Pell and Gehenna should only be out of service for something like 20 minutes while we drag the rack out of one machine room and into another, but the large! articulated! steam! locomotive! will be hitting Portland right in the most productive part of the day, and I'll be out of service for at least a hour when you add up the time to get across the Ross Island bridge to a good photographic location, wait for the train, take the pictures, then return to the office and try to work while still buzzed at the thought of seeing a big steam engine under steam.


i want to know if tomorrow is going to be those good days.

karla Wed Sep 20 15:01:28 2006

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