This Space for Rent

I’m having trouble keeping track here. Is judicial activism™ good or bad this week?

The California legislature has passed a bill making same-sex marriage legal in California, and the bill now awaits the governor's approval. The governor of California is, as everyone knows, a member of the Evil Party, which has been busily drumming up support for hate amendments left and right because of the threat of judicial activism thwarting the will of the bigots people.

So you'd expect he'd just sign the bill, right, because it's not judicial activism, but is instead the will of the people?

Go on, pull the other one -- it's got bells on.

No, no, no, the governor of California is making noises that he's going to veto this bill because he believes that it belongs before the courts.

The mind, it does not boggle, because this sort of rhetorical gymnastics is about as close to "governing" as the Evil Party is capable of getting.