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I don’t think so, Cisco.

The bigots cheered when New Orleans was flooded, because they thought that would drive the fags out of the city. "...New Orleans now is free of Southern Decadence and the sodomites..." was what the loathesome toads at the American Family Association chirped when they took a break from their frantic masturbation over the thought of a pasty-white heterosexual New Orleans.

Think again, motherfuckers!

Candice Jameson, left, 21, and Robin Cates, 23, prepare to participate in the Decadence Parade through the historic French Quarter in New Orleans, La., Sunday, Sept. 4, 2005. The Decadence Parade is an annual gay celebration event.

(photo and caption credit: The New Orleans Times-Picayune)


Well shit, dykes I know love N'Orleans! Supposed to be a great dyke community there. Well, there was.

I just wanted to stop by and say hi - and thanks for the link. Do I know you? Just wondering.


L-girl Mon Sep 5 16:45:12 2005

You're quite welcome. I don't think you know me, unless me being green with envy at your successful escape can be considered knowing.

David Parsons Tue Sep 6 13:25:50 2005

Let me be a model for your future. Start saving money now.

L-girl Wed Sep 7 17:46:58 2005

Oh, I'm pretty well along on the saving money part -- I've got about 3x of the required money for 6 months joblessness already tucked away -- but I'm nowhere near as far along on the "convincing the rest of my family that we should leave" front.

Did the two of you decide at the same time, or did one of you have to talk the other one into migrating? (And now long did it take?)

David Parsons Wed Sep 7 17:55:53 2005

Oh, very good. Now to convince the rest of your crew.

We kind of decided together. After one of the then-current outrages (I wish I could remember which one - I believe it involved John Ashcroft), I made the old standby lefty comment, That's it, it's time to move to Canada. Allan said, You know, I've been thinking about that. Could we? I mean, if we wanted to, could we do it?

I said I didn't know, but I would look into it. I started reading up online, and reporting back. The more we learned, the more we liked the idea. It was the right time for us to make a big change, and things took shape very quickly.

Re how long it took and all details like that, see the links on the right side of my blog. I have a timeline there. I can never remember dates off the top of my head so I'm trying to document everything.

You have a terrific blog. I'm going to post about it shortly.

L-girl Thu Sep 8 19:56:28 2005

I was assuming a minimum of a year and a half for doing all of the processing needed to get a migrant visa (investigations, medical exams, visa processing, and little things like buying a house); what I was wondering was if you had to talk each other into immigrating, how long that took. That's the limiting factor for me.

The timeline you have on wmtc is very useful, not so much for the timings but the details of which hoops you need to jump to and when. I'm perpetually disorganized, so having a list is very useful for me.

Thanks for the link and comment in wmtc. I noticed this morning that quite a few people were visiting via your site.

David Parsons Fri Sep 9 23:58:04 2005

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