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Project of the week – The Go Big Red Fan

A couple of months ago, a couple of students moved out of their house up the block, and before they left they had several yard sales, then finally left the unsold junk sitting on their front lawn with a "FREE" sign. This attracted quite a few people, including, of course, the occupants of Chateau Chaos. There wasn't much to find, but we picked out a chair without a seat (which will be a replacement project fairly soon) and a broken metal and plastic oscillating fan. (The fan wasn't completely broken, but it disintegrated soon after arriving home.)

The fan sat in the back porch for about a month, then I dragged it down into the basement, stripped it down to the motor, the fan blades, and the controls, then (over the course of a month) built a wooden frame, mounted the motor into the frame, painted the frame red, and screened in the front.

No chainsaws were harmed, or even touched, during the construction of this fan. But a pallet sacrificed its life to building the frame, more of the stupid room was used to build the box to fit around the motor, and I gave in and bounght a roll of windowscreening so cover the front and back of the box (the screen isn't in the back yet because I wanted to be able to take a picture that showed the insides of the box.

One of the side effects of it being a cheapy oscillating fan is that it doesn't move as much air as a store-bought box fan. But it looks a lot nicer, if you're into making things out of pallet wood (no, there are no flourescent tubes inside the box. At least not yet. But Big Wheel is satisfied with this offering just as it stands.)