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BASE-jumping into Hell.

As anyone who doesn't have an IV drip of B*sh junta propaganda knows, Dilawar eventually died under torture, and, after the news got out, the Pentagon promised to investigate and prosecute the people responsible for committing this war crime.

And they did, in the traditional way that the Armed Forces "punishes" people who did something that the Pentagon doesn't consider to be a crime.

Notice that no officers were harmed during the making of this show trial. That's because it didn't involve something important (like drumming someone out of the service for being gay or disagreeing with the stupid policy decisions coming from the evil traitors who occupy the White House), but was merely a mundane little crime against humanity.

I presume the lickspittles in the American Legion will be getting all irate at the press for reporting that the puppet government in Afghanistan is unhappy with the results of this show trial, because it's unpatriotic to tell the American public things that the rest of the world already knows.

(via Body And Soul)