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Why, indeed

BottleOfBlog takes a look at the Coward in Chief's terrible poll numbers and, reasonably, asks «how in the name of all things not election fraudulent did this totally unpopular, incompetent clown get "re-elected"?».

Well, that's pretty simple. For many people in the Evil Party, Maximum Leader Genius is on their team, and even if they disapprove of him they'll still vote for him (don't believe it? After the 2004 "election", a long line of Evil Party sympathisers lined up to say "Oh, we didn't really like B*sh, but we voted for him because the Democratic Party put up a Democrat to oppose him!" Well, perhaps they didn't actually say Democrat, but they regurgitated lines from the ridiculously stupid -- effective, but still stupid -- smear campaign against Kerry, which shows that they weren't spending much effort to do anything other than climb up into the bleachers and cheer for their home team.) Victory is simply a matter of cranking up the big lie machine to sway the more feebleminded and cowardly independent voters into the (E) column, if only for one day.

It didn't hurt that there were 10,000 lucky coincidences in Ohio (some of which magically recurred in the recent congressional election there), but those coincidences would not have been nearly as effective if the bleating masses of Evil Party supporters weren't vowing to support their home team despite the well-documented evidence that their team had been bought and paid for by the mob.