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It’s nice being able to run Framemaker, Civilization 2, and Irfanview, but …

I'm not going to use an operating system that's sold by a bigoted company just to get access to those applications.

If Microsoft is going to sell me and my friends down the fucking river just so they can get an in with a bunch of fascists, I'll save them the trouble of having to occasionally handle money from me by stripping Windows off any workstations that are still running them.

I wonder if ReactOS will run Civilization, Framemaker, or Irfanview? (If I can find an old SunOS version of Framemaker, I won't even need to worry about that; I've got a few ancient Sun boxes in the big pile -o- junk, and I can always recommission one and play remote X client games with it.) If I buy a teeny-tiny powermac, I know it won't run any of those, but I also know that -- at least until Steve Jobs decides to run his company into the arms of the bigots -- I won't be enabling the cowards.

Windows 2000 licenses for sale, cheap! I've got two of them, and they're priced to get out of my house! I've even got a couple of Windows NT licenses, too, and they'll either be sold or fed to a woodchipper in the near future.

As for Steve Ballmer? I've got nine words for him: Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

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Go Apple.

firedoglake Mon Apr 25 19:25:40 2005

But not a Mac laptop, if the horror stories about $700 repair bills on even the most trivial thing are true. (And I believe they are true. I have a Powerbook 100 that had a dead backlight on the lcd screen. Apple would not replace the backlight, instead suggesting that I spend US$600 to buy a new LCD display. And this when I was working at Apple (as a contractor, which meant that I got almost as much respect as the janitors did. Apple may be "insanely great", but their contempt for consultants is, um, not quite so great) and I knew that their internal repair department had the backlights in stock (but, surprise, not for contractors!)

I'll repeat my comment about All Hardware Sucks. All Software Sucks. even though Apple is better than Microsoft.

David Parsons Mon Apr 25 23:01:51 2005

Dude. You are so a commie. Or an anarchist. Whatever. That's what I like about you.

W Tue Apr 26 19:43:12 2005

Dude, don't get a li'l Mac. Get a great big, beefy, Windows munching Mac. You know, a Big Mac. Super size it. You'll be glad you did.

ricky Wed Apr 27 21:24:37 2005

The problem is that I don't particularly like having big workstations. The largest of the last three workstations I've built is the glass PC, and that does not qualify as a big PC in any way, shape, or form. The teeny-tiny powermac makes the glass PC, the Factory Case, and the oggOmatic look huge. And the PPC it's got inside it has enough horsepower to make up for the MacOS 10 user interface, with, possibly, a few cycles left for superzebra. Why give up the size for a few extra cycles (and another $5/month on the electric bill)?

David Parsons Wed Apr 27 23:29:18 2005

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