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Buyers Remorse.

Roxanne, of Rox Populi, reports that some of her Evil Party friends and relatives are starting to feel what they call "buyers remorse" over their endorsement of the pro-torture B*sh junta in the November 2004 elections.

Well, that's nice. But words are cheap; "I'm sorry" plus 25¢ won't even get you a copy of the local paper, and, as anyone who lives in a family with an alcoholic knows, you can get a million "I'm sorry"s, each one punctuating a case where the drunk fell off the wagon.

Should we drive them out of town with rocks in their shoes? No. So-called "tough love", as gratifying as it might be in the short term, won't stop the bad behavior until they've hit bottom, but before the Evil Party hits bottom, the United States will have ceased to exist and will have been replaced by a nasty set of fundamentalist dictatorships. But "I'm sorry" won't cut the mustard.

If you voted for the Coward in Chief, you need to actually show you're sorry by doing something. How about donating $2000 to the DNC, then resigning from the Evil Party? It's not much compared to the damage the B*sh junta is doing, but it's a start.

Some of you also need to do a few other things, like, oh, look at a calendar before you start making excuses. If I had a Republican "friend" who claimed that electing Dean as DNC head was what made him vote for Maximum Leader Genius, I would have laughed at him and called him a fucking idiot, instead of saying "tough shit". But then again, I don't have too many sock puppets as "friends."

No, pay your penance and then maybe you'll be saved. Deeds, not words, are what's required.