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Dating dates and the liars who rule the United States

This is a picture of some US marines looking in a "spider hole" or, as some now claim, a well, in Central Iraq.

Look at the bunch of dates hanging from the date palm in the near background. See that they're a nice golden color? This isn't the color of ripe dates; they are a dark brown or black. When do dates ripen? The end of the year; November and December.

If these soldiers had just winkled the dictator of Iraq out of this "spider hole", that's a really late flowering date palm.

So, when someone claiming to be a marine reports that the B*sh junta captured Saddam Hussein after a firefight in a village and not after finding his little hidey-hole out in someone's back yard, well, you must remember that this is the Coward in Chief you're talking about; he and his minions lie about everything else, so why not make up a Jessica Lynch-style fairytale well in advance, and then just wait until they found the Great Satan™ and roll out this prepackaged story? It certainly would fit the B*sh junta's habit of making up elaborate stories which later turn out to be baldfaced lies.

(the post about the dates is from Riding Electra;
the firefight link via Suburban Guerrilla