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My recipe for doing dynamic dns on my local network

When I used the nuclear option to deal with wireless script kiddies last week, part of the total thermonuclear war was to move all of the machines onto a private network. Since I didn't want to go out and redo my dns for the new IP addresses, I decided I would try to implement dynamic dns and have all of the machines, from minor servers to all of the windows (and, sooner or later, Mac) workstations, tell the dhcp server what their names were. The, um, simple way of doing this was to use the already written code that the ISC gives away without any (as they mention at every possible opportunity) support, so that's the approach I took.

The documentation for how to do this sucks. I mean it really sucks. So here's how I did it.

One other fun Unix thing is that if you give a machine a name that's already in the dns, dhcpd's tiny brain will pop and it not only won't try to override that machine name (a good idea), it won't even bother to tell you why (not such a good idea.) It's almost as fun as when dhcpd reports "no hostname" for a dhcp request, and then sends back the request mentioning the hostname that was supplied.


I have to admit that getting my new firewall configured to do dhcp and dns has been about the most frustrating thing I've done in a while :-( I read your and several other config "howto"s and I have everything working but ddns for my windows xp boxes. They get an address and are correctly configured domain, nameserver etc wise, but I cannot find them in my nameserver using dig, or nslookup or ping. Thanks for the howto... I think I'll just static ip these guys... wcn

Wendell Nichols Mon Jun 20 14:22:35 2005

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