This Space for Rent

Without tea, all things are impossible

The last friday of the month, without fail, the refrigerator genies come and clean all the food except condiments out of the refrigerators at work. Unfortunately, about 1/3rd of the time, the refrigerator genies decide to except some condiments from the except condiments rule, and then carefully sort through the condiments for ones that are insufficiently condimenty.

The last friday of the month was 3 days ago. And, once again, the refrigerator genies decided that my box of half and half did not qualify as a condiment, unlike the boxes of soy milk and new! with extra added rBGH, antibiotics, and pus! supermarket half and half that the more (and far far less) earthy crunchy than thou use at work.

No half and half means no tea. No tea means no caffeine. No caffeine means no central nervous system function. Now, even if there are some things (like debugging code written in the thrice-damned vanity language p*th*n) where not having a functional central nervous system would be a decided advantage, not being able to function at work means that I become a very dull boy indeed.

Fortunately my bosses are pretty enlightened, and when I floated the idea of decamping in favor of the tea fountains at Chateau Chaos, they said "sure".

Best job ever? On days like today, why, yes, it is. If they only moved their Linux engineering work to Canada, it would be a perfect job, but this will most certainly do.