This Space for Rent

We’re going to Scrap! We’re going to Scrap!

We regularly go up to SCRAP, in North Portland, to rummage through their collection of samples, leftover odds and ends, and whatnot to look for things we can use, make into art, and use as toys. This week, we may have overdone it. In the past three days, we've been their three times (the first time was just me and the best, the second time was all of us (this afternoon), and the third time was this evening, when they were having a party for SCRAP members and volunteers.) I'm frantically trying to put together a workbench for the basement, so I can catch up on the backlog of scrappy projects I've started but not yet finished, but here we are accumulating even more stuff faster than I can store it away.

When we went up there this afternoon, we found a very cute Scrappy item that we just had to bring home with us: