This Space for Rent

Hmm. Perhaps my sidebar isn’t particularly obvious.

The sidebar on TSFR follows what is, to me, a blindingly obvious scheme; a nice header image (either Amy from Scary Go Round, or the subtle pink triangle that I put up when the United States went fascist in November 2004), followed by a huge pile of bookmarks, followed by metadata and pictures of an active volcano.

The first link, appropriately, iswas the best's (infrequently updated) weblog, and after that I shovel in some links to my pages, and then we're off to the races with links to the other sites I read most of all. Obvious, no?

Uh, the answer to that would be no; I've gotten comments (on the best's weblog, even) and mail which leads me to believe that me not including a little "about me" boilerplate up at the top of the page gives people the wrong idea of who I am.


I hate writing about myself, as many human resource people who have received my not-exactly-chatty resumé would no doubt be happy to testify to. But if I don't write about myself, people will get confused about just who I am. In the words of pooh bear, bother!

Maybe this new design will work better.