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The Evil Party is still able to surprise me.

Yes, this is actually a real ad. I saw a link to it on Atrios, and it didn't take too long to follow the links to an Evil Party propaganda sheet, and then directly to the Cheez Whiz Veterans For Truth front-organization that's been hired to throw shit into the air to distract people from the ongoing looting of the US treasury. It's pretty impressive, in a sort of the Rwandan genocide killed how many people in that short of a time? way.

What does it have to do with Social Security piratization? Why, absolutely nothing, silly! If an Evil Party slim campaign had any relationship to reality, it wouldn't be effective. The Evil Party is well past the base your campaigns on reality stage and are now well into the sort of lunatic rantings that require sustained abuse of hallucinogenic drugs.

This is going to take cooperation and we have to have perfect loyalty from everyone. See, even if you think you have friends among our enemies, you're wrong, because Big Wheel decides who our friends are, and if he says they're your enemies, they're your enemies, just like that. Everything's very simple with Big Wheel, that's how you can be sure he's telling the truth. So we've got to join together now and there can't be any secrets and we can't cover up for our enemies or have mercy for them.

(link from Atrios, quote from The Big U (Neal Stephenson))


OK. I’m no fan of the AARP.

I feel they are self-serving jerks who give no thought what-so-ever to anything except themselves. It’s great grandma [with grampa’s pensions living in a luxury home in a Seniors only community can get perscription drug coverage, but it’s not so good when Americas largest uninsured population (ages 18-25) go without any healthcare coverage at all. Call me disrespectful, but if you ask me, welfare should be given out by NEED not the fact you’ve existed longer than everyone else. A senior could be making millions in stock interest, and still get freebies from Social Security. Better yet, socialize it and avoid the problem all together.

But this is just goofy. Forget goofy, it just doesn’t make sense. The linking website is nothing more than neo-nazi propoganda dressed up in christian clothes. But then again, most of the Evil Party is.

shawn kearney Thu Feb 9 18:40:12 2006

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