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All of a sudden I need Gmail invites

As I've mentioned before, several of our friends and family use hotmail to (infrequently) send us email. Unfortunately, a large collection of nigerian 419 spammers also use hotmail to send their festering wads of mail fraud to me and the best. And Microsoft, which is no stranger to the concept of terrible customer support, keeps finding new ways to just not respond to the abuse complaints. The latest one (which shall be called the last straw, because that's what it was), is to say it's not their problem if the From: address on the spam doesn't say on it, even if the Received: lines on the spam show without a shadow of a doubt that the thing was being sent from a hotmail machine.

Microsoft tried this on me a couple of days ago, and after I replied (in a fairly hostile manner) sent me a very long "we're looking into it honest we are" message (which didn't promise anything, aside from the usual fluffy morality tales about how spam is icky and no reputable company would condone it. Words are, after all, cheap.) This morning, I had 7 pieces of spam in my mailbox (two from, which has apparently decided to start spamming from their own servers instead of via spamhouses, two from hotmail, and three from various spamrelays that got bunged into the blacklist right off the bat); I bounced the hotmail spam back to Mount Doom with my usual boilerplate of this nigerian 419 letter either originated at or was relayed through your domain; can you please deal with it? and, before postoffice even finished up sending off all of the abuse reports hotmail had already come back with the usual it's not our fault, even though it's one of our servers! whinefest.

What's the sound of a clueless ISP falling into the killfile again?

Oh, yeah....

* P L O N K *

I do email over pop3 for various virtual domains (on a site that doesn't do anything more extreme than antivirus, dns crosschecking and greylisting}, but that means that people have to use netscape mail or Microsoft's big-bag-o-virus-propagation mail client (aka Outlook) to read their mail. So I need gmail invites for people who find using netscape mail to be too difficult to configure. Sigh.


I have a few left. I have to run out right now, but send me an e-mail and we can take care of it tonight.


Respect & peace,

William Bragg

William Bragg Thu Feb 17 13:37:13 2005

I have fifty invites. I can't seem to get rid of them. You can have as many as you like.

Harry Sat Feb 19 19:30:26 2005

What Harry said.

paperwight Thu Feb 24 08:49:57 2005

I have 48 invites left. Still looking for some?

Erin Thu Feb 24 10:38:00 2005

Thank you, all of you, for your generosity; I'm still trying to convince my friends and family that gmail isn't any worse than h*tm**l is, but it's taking a lot of work.

If they do start to change their minds, I'll send each of you mail asking if you're still willing to give away some of your invites.

David Parsons Fri Feb 25 22:30:13 2005

I have 100 invites I want to dispose them off Anybody needs invites... send a mail to my address

Arun Mon Jul 18 02:18:41 2005

i've got my 5 invites here they give invites to every registered user

Shadow Mon Sep 12 09:31:43 2005

Hi yall,

I gots a few invites... about 100

email me is you want one:


Hose Thu Oct 20 05:34:25 2005

hey, I have gmail invites, a lot of invites!

thats my forum, its where I answer all invite requests. enjoy!

ric Sat Nov 26 10:58:02 2005

Go to this site "". It is all in a different language so I will explain it for you. In the first box, type in your email address. Second, the security code, and third the reason you want it (you can just type randomly on your keyboard, they don't care. Then check your email and click the top link. You'll be directed to a new page. Exit out of it. A new e-mail should come in and click it's top link. It should take you directly to google and then you can make an account. It only makes one per each email you send in (even if you type in a gmail account, so you could make infinite accounts if you really wanted).

Crasssr Sat Dec 24 12:58:00 2005

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