This Space for Rent

So, what’s the problem here?

Some Evil Party flaks are hurrying out to defend "Jeff Gannon", a guy in his underwear with a weblog (who is, to be fair, also either a True Believer™ or on the White House payroll) who, as a sideline from his regular job of being one of the many mouths of Sauron, also runs a few meatmarket websites catering to the men in uniform escort business.

Publicising this, according to the Evil Party playbook, is gaybashing.

Um, no. Mr. "Gannon" is dancing with the fucking Devil; the people he's taking money from are people who would cheerfully whip him into the gas chambers if they thought it would make their base happy. "" is, I'm sure, a perfectly wonderful site for men with a uniform fetish, but the religous "leaders" who will get self-inflicted wedgies about the whole idea are not traditionally considered part of the left, unless you subscribe to the idea that the Coward in Chief is actually the Manchurian Candidate or a Soviet mole who's been programmed to destroy the United States (this doesn't strike me as very likely because of the teeny detail that the Soviet Union has already won the self-immolation race.)


I don't think so.