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Would they prefer securities fraud?

«Every day, we fight reporters and Democrats for using the term 'privatization' b/c every poll worth its salt shows it frightens the public. »

(some Evil Party flak trying to convince a libertarian that it's Eurasia, not Oceania)

I'd prefer treason, myself, but it's hard to succinctly draw the link between providing aid to enemies of the state and we'll borrow US$4.5 trillion to make a version of Social Security that's worse than the existing one.

Just remember that if Social Security was broken, it wouldn't take US$4.5 trillion dollars (as opposed to an estimated, what, US$800 billion dollars to make the existing system work) to make it worse.

Some na´ve liberals think that calling the Evil Party The Evil Party is coarsening public discourse. But it's the truth.