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New Code (3 of 3)!

Magicfilter has been shoved up to version 2.3.d to correct some confusion on how printer job language files were identified. Magicfilter was looking for them to be identified as blah blah blah PJL blah blah blah, but modern versions of the file(1) program identify them as blah blah blah Printer Job Language blah blah blah.

Not too many people have either documents or a printer that deal with pjl files, so it didn't get caught for a while, but since I'm pushing using libfile instead of my homebrewed attempt at doing the same thing, I needed to revise my code to match the rest of the world.

What I need, of course, is to win the lottery so I can buy an house in the south of france, hire staff to keep it clean, and then park myself there for about six months just to upgrade all of my code so that people who aren't named David Parsons can actually have a fighting chance to maintain it all.