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If the shrillblog is still operational

They really need to induct Bottle of Blog after this classic we are sooo fucked!!! post.

And he's leaving out some of the fun side-effects of our foreign debt, like

  1. We can't go to war with China, because our economy would instantly crater without them buying US savings bonds, and
  2. If China starts requesting military secrets on threat of not buying US savings bond, the US has to cooperate unless Maximum Leader Genius's master plan is to have the US economy crater.

(I'm sure if I put on my conspirovision glasses I could think of many more unintentional effects of being in hock up past our eyebrows, but I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader. I wonder how much of the ridiculous price of streetcars is because of the US debt to the countries where we actually buy the streetcars from.)