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It’s okay if you’re a republican

Asked by Sen. Patrick Leahy to describe "in detail" the only court appearance he ever made on behalf of Bush, Gonzalesówho was then chief counsel to the Texas governorówrote that he had accompanied Bush the day he went to court "prepared to serve on a jury." While there, Gonzales wrote, he "observed" the defense lawyer make a motion to strike Bush from the jury panel "to which the prosecutor did not object." Asked by the judge whether he had "any views on this," Gonzales recalled, he said he did not.

Did not, in this case, includes having an off-the-record conferernce with the judge to get Maximum Leader Genius dismissed so he wouldn't have to admit his drunken driving conviction.

But Abu Gonzales is a Republican, so what's a deliberate lie or twenty? It's not as if the Evil Party expects that any of the Coward in Chief's minions will be even in the same state as honesty and/or good morals. The Evil Party claims to be the morality party. but they don't say what kind of morals.

And, yes, I fully expect that some Democrats will vote to confirm this moral abortion as Attorney General. He's certainly no different from any of the other human stains that Maximum Leader Genius is appointing to help fly this country into the mountainside.

(link via Atrios)