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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Silas caught black death, too.


I can't find an email contact here (else I've stupidly overlooked it) but you might wanna look at your blog in Safari (OS X) if possible as it's all squashed into one skinny column of text. Looks OK in Firefox but you probably already knew that.

thanks for the link!

42 Fri Jan 21 20:36:07 2005

It is possible to get my email address, but it's not overwhelmingly obvious. The (intuitive! And user friendly!) way to get my email address is [weblog] -> [homepage] -> [signature] -> [signature on signature blurb].

I don't have any macos10 machines around, so it's difficult for me to test with Safari. That's probably a good excuse for getting a teeny-tiny-powermac. The silly weblog works (sort of; the joys of css is that everybody has their own version which isn't quite compatable) with the bucket of security holes, opera (at least as of a month ago), and firewombat.

David Parsons Fri Jan 21 20:57:38 2005

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