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Not One Damn Dime Day

May or may not be a good idea, but, lord, there are some people whining about it. What's the point? Why stop consuming when you could be doing something important instead?

Well, when the general strike (or civil war, but that's probably a decade away) happens then perhaps the more pedestrian strikes against the B*sh junta won't be that important, but until then it's kind of dumb to stop people from objecting in their own way. The only way that Not One Damn Dime Day would be useless would be if it people didn't buy anything, then turned around and dumbly allowed the Coward in Chief to continue destroying what used to be a moderately functional republic.

The tiny subtle protest of leaving the country and depriving the B*sh junta of my tax money is not likely to be noticed in the middle of the massive flurry of check kiting that is now going on. Eventually it will be noticed, but given that the whole idea is to reduce the United States into a penniless banana republic (think Venezuela, but with a majority white population) it's not as if it will be an issue (the rentiers are already moving their money offshore in preparation for the collapse of the US dollar and subsequent fire sale to people who can show up with hard currency from states that have not redefined economic collapse) that will bother anyone except people who don't want to underwrite torturers.

But the tiny subtle effect of a day where cashbox receipts goes down a noticeable amount. particularly in states which are already being sucked dry by the Evil Party, well, that might encourage people to keep thinking of ways to take the country back from the dark lord. And when the deep thinkers on the left think of a better way of protesting the overthrow of the United States, well, that's a good time to start whining about Not One Damn Dime Day.