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Project of the weekend (with a 10 day intermission)

When I was building the other lamp, I also built a stockpile of extra parts. When I finished, I built another lamp (which only took about 3 hours to put together.)

This lamp is made up of glass tile from SCRAP, wood scraps from The Joinery, and electrical bits from the hardware store and the SCRAPbox.

The 10-day intermission? Well, the bears and I are also building a dollhouse, which ended up using all of my wood clamps for a week and a half. (I don't have nearly enough wood clamps -- I've only got 9 of them, and two of those nine are only suitable for clamping big pieces of furniture together -- and the dollhouse ate up all of the small clamps while I was gluing in the load-bearing walls.

The glass tile on the sides of the lamp are hand-clouded; the tiles were colored by a rubberised back when I got them from SCRAP, and when I stripped the rubberised backing off, they became simple clear green-blue panels. So I went over them a couple more times with a paint scripper, so they'd be cloudy enough so the light bulb wouldn't be painfully obvious.