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This way to Santa’s Skyway

Today, The best and I took the bears to the downtown Meier & Frank so they could ride the monorail before it's demolished to make room for Yet Another Stupid Downtown Hotel. They don't let big people ride the monorail, so I couldn't get any pictures from inside the train, but I got a few pictures of the monorail as it looped around the Santaland exhibit.


Re: Monorail.

Fantastic. Thanks for the pics.

Not-so-fantastic: How long before it's torn down?


John Mon Dec 20 15:08:04 2004

I can't beleive they're tearing down such a big part of my childhood!!! What is to become of the beloved monorail? Any information would help. Thanks!! mary

mary Mon Nov 21 19:26:21 2005

I was just down there today and the girl working the monorail said they were going to take the car down to the fifth floor and keep it there so kids could still play in it, albiet stationary. It was heartbreaking. I was reading the Portland Monthly waiting for the dentist yesterday and there was an article about who to complain to if you'd like to see the monorail be deemed an historical landmark, but I can't remember who is said to contact.

Jeremy Thu Dec 1 13:07:58 2005

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