This Space for Rent

Decisions, decisions

The lamp I'm building from recycled bits from SCRAP and The Joinery is slowly moving forward. I've got enough stuff lying around to do a couple of lamps, so I've got the luxury of being able to prototype as I go.

I'm planning to stick with the wider top (which won't have that little piece of scrapwood on it when it's done; I've got a square glass tile that I'm going to fit into the hole that you can't see (because of the scrapwood), so light will come out of the top of the lamp as well as out of the sides) on this lamp, but I'm going to make a narrow base for a second lamp, so it will end up being a Bauhaus-style square box with glass sides and a power cord.

And then I've only got about 200 other little glass tiles to do something with.