This Space for Rent


After having thanksgiving dinner (#383 in a series) at my parents house, we returned home, as usual, via the Eng!s in the Milwaukie industrial park. I took a few pictures of the EPT shops as we went through the industrial park. These picture were taken via the advanced photographic technique known as roll down the window, stick my arm out, then start clicking away.

From the street south of the EPT shops, it still looks just like the side-of-the-road interurban it used to be.

After the Portland Traction shops at East Portland were abandoned, the new owners built new shops at the end of the mainline in Milwaukie. They are just a boring old pole building, but the east side of the building is made up to look sort of like an SP depot.

At the end of a line of dead locomotive (including EPT #100) is an old GE 70-ton locomotive, painted as SP 5100. I don't know if it operates, or if EPT even owns it (I suspect it is an EPT locomotive; that railroad has many more engines than it needs to pull trains), but it looks like it just came off the erecting floor and was immediately parked in the deadline.