This Space for Rent

Project of the week

This toyshelf was made from scrapwood from several sources: planks off scavenged pallets and a plywood back that used to be part of a mirror in our house (this mirror was covering a nice frosted glass window in our upstairs bathroom.)

The most expensive part of this project was the paint, which cost about US$4.00. It took me about 2 hours to assemble the bookshelf, and then four days to apply three coats of paint.

Because it's made from recycled wood, it's not the most polished bit of work. The shelves are all warped and the surface of the wood is all wavy from when it was run through the gangsaw at the mill. But Hunter Green paint hides a multitude of sins, and it is going into a 4-year-old's bedroom, so the imperfections in the material will soon be hidden behind a wall of Baby Destruction™.

Russell likes it, and that's the important thing.