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So, tell me, why does the Democratic Leadership Council still exist?

They've got a weblog (no, I'm not going to link to it; you'll see me linking to Instabozo before I link to these people), and they've got a post up talking about a long piteous whine that the unsuccessful Democratic candidate for the Oklahoma Senate seat wrote after he was defeated by a certifiable nutjob (who opposed choice even more than the Democratic candidate did.) And the DLC take on this? Why, you can already guess what it is; the Democratic party is too progressive.

Here's an example of this fine thinking from the DLC:

We're the "wrong track" party when it comes to the cultural direction of the country, and we have to decide whether to bravely swim upstream out of loyalty to hip-hop and Michael Moore and Grand Theft Auto IV and Hollywood campaign contributions, or do something else, like at least expressing a little ambivalence about it all. Changing the subject is cowardly and insulting no matter how you look at it.

You know, if the DLC doesn't want to "swim upstream", there's a really fucking simple solution to that pesky problem. Leave the Democratic Party and join one that's already abandoned their morals. My first suggrstion would be the Taliban, but they don't table candidates in the United States. So my second suggestion would be the party that already completely controls the government of the United States. I don't think the DLC would have to change at all to fit right in with the Evil Party; they've already got the moral relativism part down cold (even though they're crap at it; the Democratic Party has been trying on the stupid DLC "abandon your positions and you'll Win Big!" wardrobe for a decade, and.they've been batting approximately 500 (batting 1000 on "abandon your positions", batting 0 on "Win Big!") with that gameplan.) And they'd be a lot happier; the only reason the DLC isn't seen as the nest of neoconservative assholes that they are is that nobody has bothered to formally expell Zell Miller (R-GA) from the Democratic Party.

Yeah, you won with Bill Clinton. But Bill Clinton is slightly more conservative than Richard Nixon was. And the Evil Party is a lot better at opening a political gap than you are at closing it with your stupid "we may look like Republicans, but look at our party membership cards" appeasement policies.

The DLC needs to go away. They need to go away now.