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Brilliant Military Strategy for the Ages™

I must admit that giving your foes three months of warning before your surprise attack is an unconventional military strategy. That probably explains why there were only a few hundred resistance fighters in the town; the rest of the resistance must have been so paralyzed with terror that they just melted away into a puddle of melted butter which was then used to make pancakes.

So, yeah, the United States is going to lose Iraq, and the new government will probably be signing agreements to exchange six months of oil production for nuclear weapons before the last US helicopter has cleared the embassy grounds. But at least the "surprise" attack didn't interfere with the "election" in the United States, and that's the only thing that's important.


Wow. A children's story reference that I got. And I haven't heard that story since the pancake restaurant closed down amid racial-motivated protests. And a Vietnam reference that I got. I impress myself sometimes. Oh, and I agree with your assessments. :)

Lynn Dobbs Thu Nov 11 10:19:36 2004

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