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This is not a good year to be a conspiracy theorist…

... because the real world keeps being more outlandish that your most ridiculous theories.

Atrios, after a couple of days of saying no, no, there's no compelling reason to believe that the election was stolen, just published some amusing figures for the excess votes in Cuyahoga County, Ohio:

Highland Heights: 1385
Mayfield Village: 1385
Seven Hills: 2147
Broadview Height: 2540
Berea: 3146
Olmstead Falls: 3146
North Royalton: 4009
Maple Heights: 4744
Brook Park: 5295
Oakwood Village: 5460
Euclid: 5724
South Euclid: 5724
Cleveland Heights: 6007
East Cleveland: 6007
Garfield Heights: 6170
Lakewood: 6226
Middleburg Heights: 7284
Parma: 7284
Bedford: 8553
Bedford Heights: 8553
Warrensville Heights: 8553
Bay Village: 9948
Fairview Park: 9948
North Olmstead: 9948
Rocky River: 9948
Westlake: 9948
Cleveland: 49324

I'm sure it's all just a concidence. Just like the exit polls being way off in Florida and Ohio. Because, after all, with an excess of something over 3 million votes, why would the Evil Party bother doing vote fraud?(okay, so it's their nature. But, other than that, why would they bother?)

Oh well, there's always the old cruise missile attack on the Pentagon story. That one's not likely to be true, so nobody will spoil their fun by proving it.