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Funniest liberal whine of the day

This map has been kicking around for a little while since the latest round of voter intimidation, gaybashing, and fraud!™ finished (with the now-traditional I fold! (but we haven't even started?) from the left. Sigh) wednesday morning:

This would have the advantages, for me, of

  1. stopping my taxpayer subsidy of the intolerant states,
  2. getting me out of the nonstop trainwreck that is the American healthcare system (I've been paying, either in cash or as part of the total compensation package my corporate masters give me, roughly $15000 a year for health insurance for my family, and I'm still arguing over a childbirth bill that a previous health insurance company decided that they just wouldn't bother to pay. And the great thing is that as soon as I leave my job, all of my health benefits go away. Is this a great country or what? ... well, as far as healthcare goes, or what is the correct response.)
  3. speaking of the taxpayer subsidy of the intolerant states, if they weren't sucking from the taxpayer teat, perhaps they'd learn self-reliance. Sure, Alaska would end up being strip-mined down to bedrock, but global warming is beginning to lay waste to the state anyway.
  4. New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Illinois would all be in the USC, so I wouldn't have to go through customs to visit the ancestral stomping grounds.
  5. The Hate Amendment would collide with a supreme court that wouldn't use it as an excuse for putting in a federal Hate Amendment.

The downsides would be

  1. 75% of the population of Jesusland would attempt to immigrate to the USC as soon as they realized that the taxpayer teat wasn't giving them the pork-filled bribes that they've come to depend on.
  2. We'd be stuck with Kennebunkport. Which means we'd be stuck with Maximum Leader Genius. Who'd try to take over the country. Again.
  3. Colour. Flavour. Aboot.


This is going here cause I'm not sure how else to reach you. :)

You three (now four, I see) have been in and out of my thoughts regularly. Tonight I tried out my brand new, cheap cd player with The Roches "A Dove" and immediately became teary thinking of you two.

I just thought you should know that.

The website I listed is the business my friend Greg and I started. We aren't getting much business. I just picked up a job for Ed Fallon who is running for Governor of Iowa in a couple years. I think it's going to be a freebie, though. :)

I also have this website:

Love, Lynn.

Oh, and I still drive the little convertable and I still think of Julie laughing that I drove around with the Roches blaring.

Lynn Dobbs Wed Nov 3 22:06:46 2004

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