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Oh. now that’s the topping on the cake

Oregon just made me a second class citizen.

How much of a discount do I get on my taxes now?


I sympathize with you but the reason this lost is this was a religious debate that should have been out in the open and not a stealth measure or court-dictated event.

dude Wed Nov 3 08:45:30 2004

Not to be antisocial, but the courts used to be the usual method for resolving civil liberties issues in the United States, back before we became a fascist state.

David Parsons Wed Nov 3 09:15:18 2004

My sympathies. I voted against it. I'm disappointed and embarrassed in native state.

If they really wanted to 'protect marriage' then they'd go to work on domestic violence, deadbeat moms and dads, educating heteros on marriage before they got there (a five-day waiting period for marrying might cause an awful lot of people to think twice), and preventing people like Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez from coming anywhere near a pastor or public official.

Those two women have, by themselves, rendered marriage a joke.

Sam Klein.

Samuel John Klein Thu Nov 4 14:20:55 2004

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