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380 tons

380 tons of nuclear weapon detonator explosive. Gone. Like all the other stuff that's vanished from Iraq since the United States invaded, it's developed little kitty feet and padded away to the friendly arms of the Iraqi Resistance (and everyone else who needs a little something extra in their just-like-mama-used-to-make homemade mines.)

I certainly feel safe. Not as safe than the poor bastards in the Marines and Army, who are reaping the benefits of the Clap Harder! policies that the Coward in Chief has implemented, but other than that the only way I'd feel any safer would be if nuclear devices were exploding in American cities.

And, just think, this justifies the whole preemptive war idea! After all, if the United States had waited until Iraq had nuclear weapons before invading, then the resistance would be hauling away functional atomic bombs from the weapons depots that the White House doesn't think are important enough to guard.