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I've been trying to get into the habit of carrying a camera everywhere I go, so if I see something interesting I'll have a fighting chance of being able to get a picture of it for posterity. Every now and then, I forget the camera. Like, today, when we went on a covert mission into Clackamas County (to Target, to get a bunch of dry goods the warehouse way); I noticed that I didn't have the camera when we were about 10 blocks from home, so we didn't go back to get it.

Not a good idea. Normally, we take 17th into Milwaukie, then 224 over to the neigborhood of the shopping centers where Target lurks. Today, we needed to put some gas into the Prius, so we pulled off 224 in the Milwaukie part of mall-land, then followed Railroad avenue out to 82nd and the malls.

As you can guess, Railroad avenue follows a railroad -- the ex Expee mainline to California, to be precise -- but it's a mainline railroad that we never see trains running on while we're on Railroad avenue. But today, about halfway down the road, I saw a green signal light. Ooops! That means a train will be coming soon.

Sure enough, about 40 seconds later a southbound Talgo train whipped by us at full speed.

no camera!



Fascinating! Any more stories of missed opportunities?

indy Sun Oct 24 00:27:53 2004

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