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Field trip!

On Saturday morning, Silas and I went on a bus and trolley ride, taking the #70 bus up to the Rose Quarter Transit Center, the Interstate trolley up to the Expo Center terminal, then back home.

We saw lots of trains.

At Brooklyn Yard, we saw an engine pointing its nose out into an alley

At the Rose Quarter Transit Center (which is still identified as the Coloseum transit center on the bus stop sign near home), we saw trains for every one of the three interurban routes before our train arrived from downtown.

The first train was headed for the Airport.

Followed by a train heading towards Hillsboro.

And finally, just before our northbound train pulled into the station, an Interstate train passed us going south.

Silas started to get bored just before we reached the station at Kenton, but I asked him if he wanted to go over the Vanport bridge, and so we got to see a Union Pacific train parked in the Columbia Avenue parking lot.

And when we reached the Expo Center terminal, Silas spent about a hour playing around the station while we watched airplanes and trolleys come and go.

The spiffy metal bikelockers were carefully investigated.

But the bulk of our time was spent poking around the electrical utilities at the station.