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... various Evil Party hacks and fellow travellers are shocked! shocked! that John Kerry mentioned that Mary Cheney is gay. The outrage! The horror! Why, whatever could cause someone to think that an out lesbian who worked as a liason (for the Evil Party pisswater brewery Coors) to the gay community™ is actually gay.

It's not, even in the mouthbreathing circles that the Evil Party has decided to cater to, really a secret. Do they think that the Cheney family is ashamed of their daughter and the only thing to do is hide her away on the stage at the previous debate?

Personally, I think it's just that they're desperate to find anything, anything, that they can use to distract the press from the teeny detail that the Coward in Chief managed to lose all three debates (4 if you count the one the de facto president lost to John Edwards?)