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In the past week, the US listening audience has been presented with another round of experts saying that Iraq not only didn't have any nuclear program, but had dismantled it in the early 1990s and wasn't even thinking about restarting it. (In other words, Saddam Hussein, the butcher of Baghdad and man voted Hitler of the year 2002, was telling the truth, and the United States of America was lying through its teeth.)

In response to this, the de facto president of the United States (followed, closely, by the Coward in Chief) claimed that, well, yes, we all knew this, but that's why we attacked Iraq instead of North Korea (nuclear weapon(s), member of the Axis of people the Neocons dislike) or Iran (building nuclear weapons as fast as they can so they can do a test explosion before the inauguration, member of the AOFTND.)

So, what is the lesson for today, boys and girls?

Nuclear Weapons Are Wrong, And You Should Not Use Them
Nuclear Weapons Protect You From The United States

If you picked the second answer, you are absolutely correct. And, since nuclear bombs are not exactly rocket science, all you need is a supply of uranium and a few friends to help you build them.

Remember the good old days, when nuclear proliferation was considered a bad thing?