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What are they afraid of?

The Clap Harder! campaign keeps getting cranked up higher and higher, just so the Evil Party can maintain parity with John Kerry coming into this, the first of the pretend "debates".

Let's go down the checklist:

  1. The pentagon has decided to report only human interest stories from now until the election.
  2. The coward in chief is having representatives of the Vichy Iraq government shipped to the United States to recite script written by the White House.
  3. Victory lap polls being shovelled out, never mind the teeny detail that those polls are wildly oversampling members of the Evil Party.
  4. Tanning lotion?
  5. And don't forget the Terror! Alert! warnings from now until the last ballot box is mysteriously lost on November 2.

I can smell the stink of fear coming out of the White House.

And, yes, I'm aware that cornered rats fight like a devil. But it's still a pretty sweet smell.