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Not to be antisocial or anything

But where the fuck does that treasonous bastard Grover Norquist get the idea he can call my father unamerican? MY family has been in North America since the first permanent European colonisation of New England; which fucking boat did he ooze off?

How typical of his sort of conservatives; no end to abstract praise of soldiers, but when it comes down to specifics they're the ones who are knocking each other down to put the boot in against the people who actually fight. And for this I pay taxes?

If I was a Communist, instead of simply being a socialist who wants to leave my family better off that me (not better than my parents, alas; the days when a woolen mill worker could own a nice house along a river, plus a summer camp in Maine, are long gone. I'm a skilled professional programmer, and I think it's pretty unlikely that I'll leave the bears with a house and a summer camp) I'd be voting for the Coward in Chief, because after 4 more years of systematic looting, the United States would be primed and ready for the Communist revolution that was defused by the very same new deal that that pitiful welfare pig is trying to kill now.