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Iron Artist

Instead of doing something productive today, the best, the bears, and I went to SCRAP's IRON ARTIST timed art creation program/mini streetfair.

The idea behind this is that a bunch of artist teams are given a pile of parts, a theme, and 3 hours to make some piece of art which is then judged by a crack team of local celebrities and then raffled off to the attendees. This is an excuse for a street party for the (distressingly young) bohemian art scene, complete with performance art, bands, food, and drink.

The bears were good soldiers about the whole thing, even though Russell wasn't particularly interested in much of the big party on Russell street.

Extremo the clown gave both bears little red rubber clown noses, but only Silas was willing to have me take a picture of him wearing it.

Near the end of the 3 hour artbuilding session, the marching band/dance group March Fourth! did a nice long performance. These people are a lot more fun that a band should be, and I think I'm going to have to find some way to see more of them.


thanks for putting this photos up on your blog. i'm in nyc and wanted to explain to some friends the iron artist event that i worked on but had no photos of. and thanks for bringing your family! we'll do it again next year and they'll be old pros. babs

babs Wed Sep 29 08:08:31 2004

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